Size Page

Welcome to our size guide, please see the below for all lampshade and bed valance measurements.

Choosing a lampshade can seem more daunting than it is, follow our simple steps to get your lampshade just right. 

Step 1 - work with what you’ve got!

If you have lampshades, then work with these, even if it’s not the right size, it will give you a good idea of what you’re aiming for. Start by trying them all out on the lamp base/fitting you have in mind to see what sizes look right. If you find one that works, then simply follow step 2 to figure out the size. 

Step 2 - Understand our sizing and how to measure a lampshade. 

The base diameter is our lampshade size. So if you measure across the bottom of the lampshade and it measures 12”, then you’ll want a 12” etc…

Step 3 - Do you have a lamp base in mind?

Our lampshades can be placed on table lamps, pendant lights, wall lights and floor lamps. We really do have a shade for everyone and every space. 

When it comes to the base and finding the right lampshade to match - it’s not just the height of the base, it’s also the width and where the lamp will sit. 

Some of these are easy to figure out;

Wall lights - 6” candle clips are the one.

Narrow console, small side tables or a small little lamp base - 8” is usually best.

Bedside table lamp - 10” or 12”… sometimes a 14”.

The bigger ones in a sitting room, large kitchen or pendant lighting - 16”, 18” and 20”. 

Step 4 - Don’t stress, there are no rules, and sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. 

The good news is that 99% of our customers get it right first time, but if you want to change them we’re here to help and make that easy for you.

Step 5 - Need more help?

Email us and one of our team will be more than happy to help. 

Bottom Diameter
Top Diameter
6” / 15cm
4”/ 10cm
5” / 13cm
8”/ 20cm
5”/ 13cm
6.5”/ 17cm
10” / 25cm
7” / 17cm
7.5” / 19cm
12” / 31cm
8” / 20cm
8.6” / 22cm
14” / 35cm
9” / 23cm
9.5” / 24cm
16” / 41cm
10” / 25cm
10.5” / 27cm
18” / 46cm
11” / 28cm
11.7” / 30cm
20” / 51cm
12” / 31cm
12” / 31cm

Bed Sizes

40cm drop
90cm wide
195cm long
40cm drop
135cm wide
195cm long
40cm drop
150cm wide
200cm long
Super King:
40cm drop
182cm wide
200cm long

Candle clip & Small Lampshades



Useful Lampshade Info


A lampshade with a fitted shade carrier (known as a washer). Used for table lamps or floor lamps. Works with both BC (UK) or ES (EU) fixtures using a removable plastic reducer ring.


A lampshade with a fitted pendant shade carrier. Used for a downfacing light fixture. Works with both BC (UK) or ES (EU) fixtures using a removable plastic reducer ring.

US Finial

Finial fittings are used mainly in the US and are designed to sit on a harp lampshade carrier.

Candle Clip

Our 6” candle clip lampshades are used mainly on wall lights or chandeliers, they are fitted with a candle clip fitting which sits on top of a candle lightbulb.


Duplex lampshade fittings come with all Alice Palmer lampshades with a base diameter of 14” or larger. We offer lampshade and pendant carriers to fit all UK, EU and US lamps.